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Waterstone Spa Therapists

Deb Cleland, LMT, LST
Deb Cleland

I moved to Ashland from Santa Barbara, California 25 years ago because it seemed like an ideal small town in which to raise a family. Both my daughter and my son have since thanked me for letting them grow up here.  I have been a Massage Therapist for 20 years and involved with the spa industry for the last 15 years as a Trainer, Massage School Assistant Instructor, Spa Consultant and Spa Owner. I sincerely believe that wellness oriented spas can bring health and balance to the world, one body at a time! I love working at Waterstone Spa because we simply have the most talented staff around. I am always learning from them.

One of my favorite massages to give is using the warm basalt stones. They help bring the earth element to the massage and a deeper relaxation because of the warmth and wisdom of the stones. I often feel that I receive as much as I give during a session.

I love to grow plants and have a garden of fresh veggies to pick from. I love traveling, backpacking and just hanging out with my family around a campfire sharing stories and envisioning the future together.


Dominique Brown, LMT
Dominique Brown

Dominique trained at the Ashland Institute of Massage and graduated in 2002.  She was hand selected from her class to be brought on as one of the original long standing employees of Waterstone  Spa.   She is a certified Foot Reflexologist and continues to take classes in Structural Relief Therapy by Taya Countryman and Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

“When I work with a person, I really care about their specific need and comfort and put into application the best of my knowledge of the human anatomy and all it encompasses on how I best can serve their healing process whether it be alleviating pain and discomfort and/or deeply relaxing the mind and body.  The human body is an amazing vehicle and given a chance through appropriate care, it only wants to heal!”


John-Paul McMullen, LMT
John-Paul McMullen

John-Paul has been a massage therapist since 1991, his touch both firm and intuitive, a cultivation of style and presence.  His influences include Deep Tissue, Zen Shiatsu, Reflexology, Qi Gong, and abdominal massage.  He has also been a third-degree practitioner and teacher of Usui Reiki since 1994, having taught classes in New York and Pennsylvania.

 He views his work as a massage therapist as being that of a somatic teacher, creating a safe space to wordlessly educate the body toward discovering the possibilities of freer, more relaxed attitudes of movement and stillness.

 John-Paul joined the team at Waterstone shortly after moving to Ashland in 2012, and has never worked with a warmer or more professional group of people.  Outside of massage, John-Paul enjoys hiking, dancing, bicycling, theater, live music, inspired conversation and silly laughter.  He loves living in Ashland because he could find opportunities for all of the above and more, in addition to being able to receive great bodywork from a host of local talent.


Marsha Easterday, LMT
Marsha Easterday

Marsha Easterday has been living in the Rogue Valley for over 35 years. She was in the first graduating class at the Institute of Massage in Ashland in 1985. Marsha has over twenty years of experience as a massage therapist and has been with Waterstone Spa since 2004. 

She has a deep interest in the human body and continues to study anatomy, physiology and different healing modalities of different cultures. Marsha has studied Reiki, Manuel Lymph Drainage, Lower back therapy, Polarity and Craniosacral Therapy and Myofascial release. She is proficient in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Pregnancy Massage, Ayurveda, Cancer massage and Medical Massage for car accidents and injuries.

She particularly enjoys treating her clients to Foot Reflexology and Deep Tissue Massages. She loves the diversity of getting to do a variety of spa treatments and massages at Waterstone Spa. Her massages are detailed, nurturing, and luxurious.


Lauren Smith  LMT
Lauren Smith

I moved to Ashland a few years ago to pursue two things: White-water rafting school and a career as a massage therapist. The Rogue Valley has so much beauty to experience and the residents here know how lucky they are to live within it. There is a calm, content, environmental and health-conscious way about this area that speaks volumes to me.

After receiving my first full body massage, I knew immediately that was what I wanted to do for a living. I enrolled in the massage program at Lane Community College right out of high school, and have been practicing ever since. Spending the last year at the Waterstone Spa, has fostered immeasurable growth in my massage abilities and has solidified to me my purpose as a giver and healer. I have met the most kind-hearted, open and genuine people here, both as coworkers and as clients, whom I feel incredibly fortunate to work with.

Even as a child, I knew that massage was a very special gift. This sort of soothing, giving touch has been handed down to me through my mother’s and my grandmother’s hands, and I am honored to be such a vessel for others. We are sculpted by how people make us feel, emotionally and physically, and it is our responsibility to be aware of this, especially as bodyworkers. With every massage session I give or receive, I learn something new to apply toward the next; it is the ever-evolving and enriching growth process that keeps me passionately intrigued and involved in bodywork.


Lesley Moehle, LMT
Lesley Moehle

My daughter and I moved to Ashland from central Oregon in 2005, in search of a health conscious and active community surrounded by the wonders of the natural world.  I decided to pursue my decade’s long interest in health and the human body, and enrolled in the massage program at Ashland Institute of Massage.  After graduating and completing my State Board exams, I began working at Waterstone Spa in the fall of 2006.

I truly enjoy the many clients I see at Waterstone Spa from all walks of life.  My favorite services to provide are any of the many body treatments we offer, as well as our Ayurvedic abhyanga massage. 

I continue to find joy in my hiking, winter sports and observations of nature on a regular basis in our incredible surroundings.



Anna Christensen, LMT
Anna Christensen

I knew I wanted to be a hands on healer at an early age and it was caring chiropractors and massage therapists who ignited this calling.  Through their treatment of my accident related scoliosis which was causing stabbing pains on either side of my mid-spine, I became aware of my body’s more subtle energetic realms and its inherent abilities to heal itself more rapidly with loving, conscious touch.  In fact my own body, as it continues to age and spiral in on itself, is and always will be my greatest teacher. 

Working at the Waterstone Spa and building my own private practice for the past six years has rapidly accelerated my enlightenment into the limitless miracles of the human form.  I am in deep gratitude to everyone who receives body work from me as it is always an enriching opportunity for enhancing my sensitivities towards conscious, loving presence and intuitive, empathetic touch.

Anna has been a resident of Ashland for over 30 years.  She also loves to sing, dance, and commune with nature. Her specialties are deep tissue, acupressure, and Thai massage.


Steve Dominguez, LMT
Steve Dominguez

Born and raised in New York City, Steve, and his wife Celina, wanted to find a warm, safe, and supportive community in which to start and raise a family. By March of 2007 they had found what they were looking for, and moved to Ashland, Oregon. “Now we have two happy and healthy daughters, and Ashland has proven to be everything we hoped it would be.”

Steve began his career as a bodyworker in 2002 by immersing himself in the study of the ancient art of Thai Yoga Massage with Kam Thye Chow, the founder of the Lotus Palm School in Montreal, Canada. After many years of developing his Thai Massage practice in New York City, Steve expanded his knowledge of bodywork by studying and practicing the more traditional western style modalities of Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, at the Kripalu Institute, in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts.

In 2009, Steve began his bodywork practice at the Waterstone Spa. Thai Yoga Massage is his first love, and it influences his table-work as well. “I love to combine both eastern and western approaches to my table-work by stimulating the flow of chi, or prana, while applying Swedish techniques.”

“Waterstone Spa is a great place to practice massage. We have a great, caring, and experienced staff who approach the work from their heart center. I believe one would be hard pressed to find a finer group of spa technicians.”  


Mitch Riker, LMT
Rowan Anderson

Mitch, a native Oregonian, joined the Waterstone team at the beginning of 2012. She has been in the profession for 7 years.  She received her bachelor’s degree from Southern Oregon University in Health and Physical Education and studied massage therapy at Rogue Community College.

Her specialties include Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Swedish Massage and Hot Stones.  Mitch also practices as an Occupational Therapist and is knowledgeable in relaxation and preventive techniques.

Mitch has an adventurous soul and loves to travel and experience new places and meeting new people.  Some of her hobbies include hiking, snorkeling, dancing, dressing up and going to the theater, painting and just spending time with her grand-kids.


Noah Volz, LMT
Noah Volz

Noah has been a licensed massage therapist since 2008. He received his Ayurvedic training at the California College of Ayurveda in 2006, focusing on the psychology of health and healing. He has received additional training with New World Ayurveda and Dr. Sarita Shrestha with his thesis in Living Creative Wellness.

Noah specializes in providing Ayurvedic treatments combined with massage for maximum benefit; addressing many conditions, including women’s health, athletic performance, chronic stress and pain as well as welcoming individuals with all types of concerns.

Highlights of his bodywork training include Neuromuscular therapy, Myofascial release, Lown Systems, and Ayurvedic massage. He continually seeks opportunities to work with motivated individuals who are empowered to use their inherent potential to make a difference in their own fundamental health and in turn the quality of life in their community.

Noah loves the outdoors and when not doing bodywork you can find him hiking, skiing, or biking.



Jody Hupp, LFT
Jody Hupp

Jody joined Waterstone Spa in June 2010 as a member of the Esthetics team.  In May 2012 she became the Facial Department Manager. She strives to develop a beneficial relationship with each of her clients that improves their overall health as well as the appearance of their skin.

Jody graduated the 650 hour program at Ashland Institute of Massage this year. She is excited to incorporate massage for her clients. She loves doing body treatments that facilitate bringing the skin back into balance and creating a sense of wellbeing.

When not practicing esthetics she also works at the front desk to fulfill all your retail and reservation requests.  Outside of the Waterstone she enjoys spending time on her road bike and traveling.



Elizabeth Gomez, LFT
Elizabeth Gomez

I joined the Waterstone team in 2012. I am drawn to the Ashland area because of its natural beauty and community that supports healthy and alternative life styles.

What I love most about the Waterstone is the healing and nurturing environment, as well as, the consciousness to provide out guests with a great experience, services and products with a back to nature emphasis. I can truly believe in the ingredients qualities, purity and effectiveness of all the products we use. When performing facials, waxing, make up applications or body treatments I welcome the opportunity to make each guest experience memorable and unique. During facials I truly enjoy the aspect of facial massage and bringing ease to the body while treating the delicate skin of the face.

My hobbies are cooking, dancing, and exploring the outdoors as often as possible.


Amma Rowan, LFT
Amma Rowan

Amma joined the Waterstone team during the Spring of 2011. She is passionate about all aspects of skin care and bringing an overall sense of well-being to her clients. She finds joy and fulfillment in taking time with each individual to help them create their ideal experience at the Waterstone.

 Amma understands that everyone’s skin care needs are unique. She draws on her knowledge and experience with our skincare line to work towards each client’s goals.

As well as her profession as an Aesthetician, Amma enjoys many outdoor activities, drawing and painting, music, dance and family.


Shelley Lotz, LFT
Shelley Lotz

Shelley has over 25 years’ experience in the spa industry as an esthetician, educator, and business owner. Giving peaceful, customized facials is her first love. She started an institute of esthetics and taught for many years. Shelley is a major contributing author to Milady’s Standard Esthetics Fundamentals. A lifelong passion for the spa industry and sustainability has led her to focus on green practices. Shelley just wrote a new book on Green Salons and Spas: How to Make Your Business Truly Sustainable. Waterstone Spa is featured in the book! Shelley shares the Waterstone philosophy of giving healing treatments with healthy products in a serene atmosphere to support wellness. 

Shelley loves the travel/hospitality industry and travels extensively. She is currently working on a Master’s in Management Degree. She moved to the Rogue Valley for the trees and mountains in 1985 and is still trying to warm up from growing up in Alaska. Shelley also attempts to garden and care for 4 acres of property while dreaming of retiring in Hawaii with her Greek husband.



Samantha Sperry, LFT
Samantha Sperry

Samantha, a native Oregonian, has been at Waterstone Spa for over a year. She works front desk and now has joined the Esthetics team. She has a passion and affinity for skin care and healthy living. She believes that good skin comes from the inside out. Samantha delights in helping you achieve beautiful and radiant skin.

Whether providing facials or waxing services, Samantha loves ensuring that all of her clients have a calm, nurturing experience where client’s goals and relaxation comes first. She makes sure that her clients walk away from their Spa experience feeling beautiful and renewed.

One of Samantha’s most recommended Spa Services is the Magnetic Facial as it is a holistic repair product for all skin types and conditions, which brings more oxygen to the skin, thereby detoxifying, reducing inflammation, increasing cell metabolism and reproduction.


Chris Meek
Chris MeekChris plays an important role at the spa with keeping things well stocked and organized for all our guests.