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Massage Therapist

wss-therapist-anna-christensenI knew I wanted to be a hands on healer at an early age and it was caring chiropractors and massage therapists who ignited this calling. Through their treatment of my accident related scoliosis which was causing stabbing pains on either side of my mid-spine, I became aware of my body’s more subtle energetic realms and its inherent abilities to heal itself more rapidly with loving, conscious touch. In fact my own body, as it continues to age and spiral in on itself, is and always will be my greatest teacher.

Working at the Waterstone Spa and building my own private practice for the past six years has rapidly accelerated my enlightenment into the limitless miracles of the human form. I am in deep gratitude to everyone who receives body work from me as it is always an enriching opportunity for enhancing my sensitivities towards conscious, loving presence and intuitive, empathetic touch.

Anna has been a resident of Ashland for over 30 years. She also loves to sing, dance, and commune with nature. Her specialties are deep tissue, acupressure, and Thai massage.

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