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“What a beautiful experience. Relaxing, clean, and restorative. It’s the perfect recipe to distress.”
Laura, December 2017

“I haven’t felt that relaxed in a very long time. Completely enjoyed. “
– Alvarez, December 2017

“Completely rejuvenating. The staff was amazing and I feel like a princess.”
Ava, November 2017

“Just want we needed! Very relaxing and soothing. Thank you!”
Melissa, December 2017

“The absolute best spa I’ve been to! So relaxing and calming. The sweetest staff!”
Hannah, December 2017

“Loved, loved, loved everything. Very clean and inviting.”
Dawnda, November 2017

“Amazing experience! Beautifully decorated/designed interior. Warm and welcoming staff, thorough and attentive services.”
– Sonja, August 2014

“Calming, Classy and Refreshing”
Tamara, April 2014

“How could anyone ever have anything but a great experience here! Love your staff!”
Stephanie, March 2014

“Amazing massage, relaxing environment, beyond my expectations!”
Tobyn, March 2014

“Every time my husband and I come to Ashland we get a massage here. It is becoming a ritual we are looking forward to!”

“Treatments at Waterstone are always such a pleasure. Lauren is kind and a very intuitive massage therapist. Looking forward to working with her again.”
Lauren, March 2014

“This is the nicest spa I’ve ever been to. My only regret is I don’t live closer.”
Wendy, March 2014

“Everything we had hoped for! Lauren was delightful. Thank you”
Shelly, February 2014

“One of the best waxing and facials ever experienced. Loved the products!”
– Alysia, January 2014

“John Paul was Amazing. One of the Best Therapists- Probably the best I’ve experienced in Oregon. Loved the Treatment with the Frankincense compresses.”
Mary, December 2013

“Exceeded my expectations! So relaxed and now refreshed to meet the day”
Susan, December 2013

“Loved my time here and the bath and massage were sent from Heaven! Thank You :)”
Gilda, December 2013

“An Amazing and Relaxing Holiday treat with my BFF ~ We’ll Be Back Soon!”
Diana, December 2013

“This was one of the best experiences I have had. Romance Package is the way to go to celebrate our anniversary. The massage therapists – Steve & John – were amazing! We will be returning!”
– Janet, January 2013

“What a wonderful afternoon! A superb massage and magnificent facial. I feel totally pampered and ready for the holidays”
– Kim, November 2012

“I have had the opportunity to visit several spas around the country and Waterstone is ranked high on my list of favorites! Job well done”
– Aimee, February 2012

“Deeply nurturing. A lovely way to get away without leaving Ashland.”
– Jessica, February 2012

“A delightfully romantic get-away in the middle of the afternoon. What a wonderful relaxing atmosphere!”
– Cindi, February 2012

“Amazing relaxation and a fitting experience to celebrate walking 1,700+ miles to get here from Mexico on the Pacific Crest Trail! Thanks Waterstone!”
– Chris “Roadrunner” August 2011

“Love the vintage Ashland décor and vibe. The Vinotherapy with Vichy, Steam & Sauna, and outstandingly fabulous.”
– Janet, October 2011

“I intuitively wanted to experience a service here at Waterstone, looking for organic and truly clean products. Absolutely fabulous!!”
– Sara, September 2011

“Thank you so much! Best facial I ever had. She did a paprika treatment–it was unbelievable. The spa is lovely. I so enjoyed it. Thank you!”
– Ingrid , July 2011

“Best facial of my life! Excellent reflexology session – the real deal. Highly enjoyable afternoon. Thank you Monica & Stuart.”
– Phoebe, July 2011

“We loved the aesthetics. Services were wonderful.”
– Nadine Batyn, July 2011

“Lovely experience from the moment I arrived until I floated out of the building”
– Becky, June 2011

“We had the Couples Package – it was wonderful! The foot massage was to-die-for! We will be back!”
– Greg, June 2011

“I love Waterstone! The receptionist is very warm and kind. Leslie is the best!”
– Becky, June 2011

“I very much enjoyed the two handed abhyanga massage! Knowing that special oils were chosen to help balance energies within, I was able to deeply relax, and sink into the soothing Indian music. I recommend this type of massage, as the wonderful oils and the special pressure points applied, left me feeling calm and centered.”
– Angeline, Client since 2003

“Absolutely wonderful! I left and I was on cloud-nine!”
– Rayna, April 2011

“This was perfect for what I needed today! Expertly presented and performed. I am very appreciative!”
– Barbara, May 2011

“Thank you for a great day – Mom and I enjoyed it! The facial and massage were both fantastic!”
– Danielle, June 2011

“Your staff is very professional and extremely good at their jobs! I go home with happy toes and a refreshed face!!”
– Marilyn, June 2011

“Erin deserves 5 stars! What a wonderful Spa! I will return on every visit to Ashland!”
– Aline, January 2011

“Everyone was incredibly considerate, courteous and helpful. This is the best Spa experience we have ever had! Perfect service + aesthetic!”
– Neal, February 2011

“Always wonderful & refreshing! Any time I have ever tried a different spa, (which has only happened once or twice) I always am disappointed and wish I would have come to Waterstone. Hands down the best spa and technicians in the valley. Thank you so much!”
– Sara, May 2010

“Invigorating, renewing, refreshing massage. I am a new woman! Stress-free, beautiful, and luscious. I will be returning very soon for another session.”
– Barb, May 2010

“I have been coming to Waterstone Spa for the last 5 years and I have never been disappointed. The atmosphere is beautifully relaxing, the technicians are knowledgeable and the overall experience is great. Thank you Waterstone!”
– Autym, May 2010