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Body Sugaring


An all natural, biodegradable form of hair removal, a superior alternative to waxing.

  • Removes the hair in the direction of the hair growth and offers 70% reduction of ingrowns
  • Applied at body temperature and causes dramatically less irritation (no heat, no strips, no sticks)
  • A perfect alternative for sensitive skin and the most delicate areas
  • Longer periods between grow back due to less breakage
  • Hair can be removed at 7 to 10 days growth vs. 2-3 weeks as needed for waxing

Brow Clean up – $18
Brow Shaping – $25
Lip or Chin – $12
Full Face – $50
Underarm – $20
Full Arm – $40
Full Leg – $65 +/-
Half Leg – $40 +/-
Basic Bikini – $25
Extended Bikini – $40 +/-
Brazilian – $60
Brazilian Maintenance (within 6 weeks) – $50
Package Special: 1/2 leg & Bikini – $59
Brow, Lip and Chin – $35 ($45 if shaping)

BOOK NOW: 541.488.0325

Men’s Sugaring

Back – $50
Chest – $40
Abs – $25

BOOK NOW: 541.488.0325

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Prior to Sugaring Instructions:

  • Do not exfoliate or sun bathe within 24hrs of service
  • Hair should be at least two weeks growth if you have been shaving and 7-10 days of growth if this is a follow up
  • If this is your first time please note that sugaring can take 15-30 minutes longer than waxing services

Home Care Instructions:

  • Avoid tight clothing
  • Do not exfoliate or sunbathe for 24-48hrs.
  • No exercising immediately after sugaring treatment
  • No steam, sauna or hot tub for up to 24hrs.
  • Do not use creams or lotions with artificial fragrances.
  • Salt baths (max 15min) or salt compress can speed up the healing process of the follicle. For compress 1/2 tsp. in 1/4 cup water. For salt bath add 1/2 cup, follow with a rinse.
  • DO exfoliate and moisturize often for ingrown prone areas such as legs and bikini