Waterstone Massage

Our signature massage that incorporates Swedish massage, heat packs, and warm towels for the face and feet. Therapist will start with a quick consultation to determine the amount of pressure that feels best for you during your massage.

60 min $95  / 90 min $135

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Deep Relief Massage

A therapeutic deep tissue massage that releases tension in the body by using slow and deep massage strokes. Benefits are improved range of motion and posture, stress relief, and decreased pain. Recommended for clients that are experiencing deep muscle aches, pains, or knots.

60 min $105 / 90 min $150

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Aroma Essence Massage

Our Aromatherapy massage is a balancing Swedish massage infused with powerful essential oils and essences that are chosen by the client prior to the service. This treatment also includes heat packs and warm towels for the face and feet.

60 min $105 / 90 min $145

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Warm Stone Massage

Heated Basalt Stones are used to massage the muscles, providing a deep penetrating heat that relaxes and releases tight and sore muscles.

60 min $105 / 90 min $150

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Maternity Massage

Our Maternity Massage helps circulate the lymphatic system, reduces inflammation, swelling of ankles, and relieves tensions and body aches. Geared to the comfort of the mother with supportive body cushions.

60 min $95 / 90 min $135

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Duet Massage

With your choice of massage, you can experience your services side-by-side in our Duet Suite Room.

(same prices as above – per person)