Ayurvedic Offerings

Ancient Rituals for Health and Balance


What is Ayurveda?

It is defined as the “science of life and longevity” and has been referred to as the “Mother of all Medicines”. Ayurveda was developed in India over 5000 years ago as a natural system for strengthening the body’s healing abilities and creating balance for body, mind and soul. According to Ayurveda, the true definition of beauty is healthy internal radiance. The skin reflects inner health. The external body is simply the manifestation of everything that happens inside, including our emotions. By addressing the components of our life, we can control our skin’s health. Inner and outer beauty are intimately related. The more we nurture ourselves, the more radiant we become physically.

“Ayurveda was the first system of medicine to recognize the concept of individual mind/ body types called doshas. It holds that everyone is born with their own natural balance which influences all aspects of their life, including body structure, emotional makeup and predisposition to illnesses. Without understanding one’s natural balance you may unknowingly create imbalances by following a life-style that strains your mind/body system.”

What are doshas?

According to Ayurveda, the body is governed by three fundamental biological principles called doshas that control all of the body’s function. These doshas are VATA (regulates movement) PITTA (regulates metabolism) and KAPHA (regulates structure). All three doshas work together. One’s individual mind/body type is determined by the natural predominance of one or more of these three doshas in the body.

These doshas are influenced by diet, environment, stress, state of mind etc. Restoring and maintaining a level of balance is the key to healing, prevention and reversing the aging process. Ayurvedic massage involves the use of warm oil that is specifically selected for you and utilizes gentle to moderate strokes to help the oil penetrate into the tissues. There is a focus on the marma points of the body which is where two or more types of tissue meet, such as muscles, veins, ligaments, bones or joints. These points are much more than physical connecting points, they are the points where the physical body most strongly connects to pure consciousness.


Abhyanga Massage

A nourishing full body repetitive and rhythmical application of the specific oil that has been chosen or created to balance your doshas. Effective enough to help relieve fatigue, improve sleep and enhance your complexion. Please note that you must arrive 15 mins. early prior to your appointment to fill out the Dosha Intake.

60 min $105

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Profoundly meditative and relaxing, a soothing stream of warm sesame seed oil is poured over the forehead and the third eye chakra, hydrating the scalp and hair.

45 min $75

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Shanti Body Wrap

Starting with a 15 min. steam or sauna, warm herbal oils, sandalwood ubtan, fine sea salt and essential oils of sandalwood and ginger provide a full body exfoliation scrub followed by a warm aromatic and nurturing wrap.

75 min $135

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